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Our wedding party

Its a large party, but everyone up there with us have played major roles in our lives. It wouldn't be complete without them! 

Jamel's attendants
  • Eli Coleman, Best Man
  • Sean Collins, Best Man
  • DJ Kendrick, Best Man
  • Brad Boyd, Best Man
  • Leon Coward, Best Man
  • Justin Jenkins, Best Man
  • Devine Covington, Best Man
  • Demetrich Thrower, Best Man
  • Donald Paige, Best Man
  • Vincent Watson, Best Man
  • Brandon Jefferson, Best Man
  • Corey Thomas, Best Man
  • Boston Tarver, Ring Bearer
Shymika's attendants
  • Amber Taylor, Maid Of Honor
    Yes....my YOUNGER SISTER!! Who else to fill the most important role next to me on my big day then my little "Baby Bubba!" You always looked out for me and would tell me how you REALLY feel when it came to me and who I dated. In ways, you were the one acting as the Big sister. I am happy to share this moment with you right by my side. I love you!!
  • Jamie Coleman, Bridesmaid
    My BFF since the 5th grade! We met in PE b/c we were the only 2 ppl who knew how to do the Electric Slide!!! lol Hand games, steppin and recording ourselves singing on cassette tapes! We have a friendship that will never fade! The ying to my yang (remember our necklaces??) :-)
  • Angie Ochoa, Bridesmaid
    Ladyballer8!! Kobe fanatic (maybe even more than Jamel lol). You are one of the most amazing friends I have ever had. We have been through a lot together. NANS DOST!!! hahahahahaha
    Love you always!
  • LaNeque Black, Bridesmaid
    Neque!!! We've been friends since the 7th grade. You have always been one of my most "sane" friends! lol We've been there for each other forever and I am happy to have you up there with me on my big day!
  • Phyllis Cooper, Bridesmaid
    My roll dog all through high school!! Like two peas in a pod. You always kept me laughing and we made a good time out of every time we were together. A true friend in every way possible!!
  • Lacie Marquez, Bridesmaid
    You are truly one of the sweetest, most genuine person I have ever known. How blessed I have been to have you as a friend since we were fish at GHS! You have always been there to give advice, encouragement and good laughs. I admire you in more ways than you would ever know! You are wonderful!
  • Kerrie Tarver, Matron Of Honor
    My buddy!! You were one of the first friends I made in good old Houston and part of the reason why I met my love Jamel!! Thank you for that! lol A ride or die friend, someone to kick it with and get in trouble with! You are very special to me and I am glad to have ran into you in the towers looking for the model call for UH Next Top Model 2003! I finally know "What's it like to be in love." Love definitely "knows me!" lol ;-)
  • Ri Faleti, Bridesmaid
    My model diva roll dog! Always fabulous- just like me! We're pretty much tied at the hip- so much that people are surprised when we show up somewhere without the other. Another example of an amazing friend. No...you will not be a coaster. Yes you are definitely a bridesmaid! lol
  • Jamay Fishback, Bridesmaid
    Truly a beautiful spirit with a face to match! Jamay, you are amazing! You are able to do whatever you put your mind to! You are always so supportive, giving and helpful and just a one of a kind friend. You keep it all together and I love you for that!
  • Courtney Coleman, Bridesmaid
    Wow...how you have grown missy. I remember the little 8th grader playing bball (probably at the insistence of Jamel lol). You have always been a joy to be around for me to act silly with when Jamel wants to PRETEND he isn't silly himself. You are witness to the fact that I USED TO be normal before I met your big brother. I look forward to having another little sister.
  • Jonah Taylor, Flower Girl
    My Jonah Wonah!! Cant wait to see you wobble down the aisle! Auntie Mimi loves you!!
  • Holly Charles, Bridesmaid
    Such a genuine sweet caring person. I have known you for a much shorter time but I feel like we've been friends for ages! Thank you for always being so supportive and just freaking awesome! So glad to have you with me on the big day! :-)
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